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The Best Sheets for Warm and Cool Sleepers

The Best Sheets for Warm and Cool Sleepers

With percale and sateen options, Skylark+Owl has every sleeper covered… literally.

At Skylark+Owl, we’re dedicated to making sure that every home, every nest and every bed is wrapped in cozy linens. With our luxurious bed sheets, warm and cool sleepers alike find dreamland with buttery soft linens that’ll nestle you into sleep. With over 70 years of textile experience, our goal is to bring comforts to the beds and nests of our customers at home.

When trying to find the best level of sleep possible, a ton of it depends on the temperature you usually find yourself sleeping at. Whether you’re a hot sleeper (or in a warm climate) or you tend to get chilly when you sleep, we have the right sheets for warm and cool sleepers alike. With our sateen and percale collections, you’ll cozy up right to sleep each night.


Selecting a sheet if your a warm or cool sleeper

How do you pick the right sheets for warm and cool sleepers?

One of the biggest pieces of the puzzle for achieving great sleep is discovering the right sheet for your sleep temperature. While warm sleepers need something crisper and cooler, cool sleepers will probably gravitate towards cozier, warmer fabrics.

Warm sleepers should look for sheets with a matte finish and crisper feel, like our percale sheets. The one-by-one yarn fabric is essential for warm sleepers, as it wicks away moisture and creates a cooler sleep environment. Cooler sleepers should look for softer sheets with a heavier weight, like our sateen sheets. With a fabric that’s a bit softer and richer, cool sleepers will find their much-desired warmth.

Percale versus Sateen Breathable Sheets

Picking warm bed sheets for the fall and winter

When picking bed sheets for the fall and winter, you’ll want to look for a cozy fabric that keeps you nestled into the bed without getting cold or sweaty. With our Refined Collection, you’ll be snoozing in bliss as soon as your head hits the pillow. Our Refined Collection sheets, made from a sateen weave, are luxurious and heavy with the perfect amount of sheen. When picking warm bed sheets for the winter, you can’t go wrong with Skylark+Owl’s sateen collection.

Sateen Sheet Set
Refined Collection Sateen Sheet Set 


Picking cool bed sheets for the spring and summer

When picking bed sheets for the spring and summer (and for hot sleepers), you’ll want to look for a crisp fabric that keeps moisture and heat away. With our Essential Collection, you’ll be sleeping cool and comfortable all night. Our percale sheets are woven with the utmost intention for warmer sleepers and are the perfect weight for those looking for a cozy sheet without the heat. When picking cool bed sheets, our Essential Collection percale sheets are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Percale Sheet Set
Essential Collection Percale Sheet Set 



With textile experience and a passion for helping our customers find their ultimate level of cozy, Skylark+Owl is your best option for everything from bed sheets and towels to duvet covers and pillows. 

With Skylark+Owl, we’ve adapted to bring that same hotel-level comfort to each and every sleeper and nest. No matter whether you’re a warm or cool sleeper, we dream of bringing insane levels of comfort into your home with linens that go the extra mile.

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