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Your Cozy Dorm Room Must-Haves

Your Cozy Dorm Room Must-Haves

Are you or a loved one heading off to school? Here’s how to make your dorm a home away from home.

As summer winds down, it’s time to head back to school — which means there are tons of students headed off to universities across the country.

At Skylark+Owl Linen Co., we think dorm rooms and college apartments should be just as cozy as the nests back home, and it’s not as hard as one might think to deck out your dorm in coziness.

Whether you’re the one heading off to school or you have a loved one packing up their boxes, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate list of dorm room cozies. We're even offering free shipping within Canada for the back to school season! 

From the very best college bedding all the way to a luxe towel set, here are the best must-have comforts to take with you (or your loved ones) off to dorm rooms and college apartments.


Your Cozy Dorm Room Must-Haves

1. Washed Percale Bedding for the perfect balance of softness and coolness

Just because you’re in a college dorm doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve some luxe sheets — and we love our Washed Percale Bedding for the perfect relaxed yet elevated sheets.
Made with 100% cotton, these percale sheets go through an additional washing process to add an entirely new level of softness and coziness to naptime. Plus, they just keep getting softer the more you wash them — the perfect motivation to head to the dorm laundry room.

2. Refined Pillow to rest your head after a day at the library 

There’s no naptime like a post-library naptime, and our Refined Pillow is the best choice. Allergy-friendly, the Refined Pillow offers all of the coziness and comfort of down, without the sneezes. Perfectly structured (and available in both soft and firm), the Refined Pillow is your best bet for a long-lasting pillow to provide next-level comfort for every nap and bedtime.


3. Brushed Cotton Blanket to bring a pop of colour to your dorm

From post-class naps to dorm room movie marathons, everyone needs a high-quality, cozy throw blanket — and that’s where our Brushed Cotton Blanket comes into play.

Made from 100% brushed cotton, this extraordinarily soft blanket comes in four colourways and is the perfect size for dorm rooms, apartments and everything in between.

4. Element Turkish Bath Towel Set to have the plushest towels in the shared bathroom 

If you’re in a dorm room, we can pretty much guarantee you’re sharing a bathroom — so why not carry in a feeling of luxury and home with an excellent towel set?

Enter: our Element Turkish Bath Towel Set, a dreamily heavy towel set made of 100% Turkish cotton that’s remarkably absorbent and quick to dry. 

5. Down Alternative Duvet Insert for wonderful warmth in the chilly dormitories

Dorm rooms get chilly, which is why we always sing the praises of our coziest Down Alternative Duvet Insert

This duvet insert has all of the coziness and warmth of down without the allergens, and includes a quilted pattern that keeps the filling consistent all year long.


As you make your way to school this fall, we hope you stay safe, stay healthy AND stay comfortable. 

At Skylark+Owl Linen Co., we’re always here to help, and these cozy dorm room picks will help soften up your semester. For a limited time only, use code FREEDELIVERY at checkout to receive free shipping on all orders within Canada! 

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