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Does Egyptian Cotton matter?

What makes it so special? If you're looking to upgrade your sleeping experience, there is no doubt that our 100% Egyptian cotton bedding makes all the difference. So the answer to the question: 'Does Egyptian cotton matter?' Is a resounding yes!

Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Mom Son
100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets


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Crafted with Intention

Unparalleled Comfort With 100% Egyptian Cotton.

Skylark+Owl bed sheets are crafted using traditional techniques and 100% natural fibres to meet environmental and ethical standards.

Heritage & Pride

As a Canadian Brand

With 75 years in the comfort game, we know quality bedding. Our products are responsibly sourced and skillfully created using only natural fibers to improve your sleep. As we started this brand in 2017, we have been proudly preserving the time-honored art of traditional bedding production by imparting our expertise acquired over many years.

Designed to change your sleep

Carefully crafted in Portugal, our 100% Egyptian Cotton Essential Percale Bedding Collection provides a sheen, matte finish with unmatched softness. Perfect for all type of sleepers.

Ultimate in Softness: Refined Sateen

Our Refined Collection Sateen is made of 100% Egyptian cotton and woven in Israel with the utmost intention, the 400-thread count sheets are constructed specifically for comfort. 

Made in Portugal & Israel

Our sheets bring a touch of Israeli and Portuguese craftsmanship straight to your bedroom. With their unbeatable combo of strength and softness.

Zero Waste Packaging

All our products come in reusable fabric tote bags sourced from surplus fabric that would otherwise go into the landfill.

Guilt-free Sleep

We want you to have the best sleep possible, so we provide a 30-night sleep guarantee on all of our comforts.

100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Collection

Skylark+Owl's 100% Egyptian Cotton Bedding Collection in Canada offers the finest bedding, including sheets and duvet covers, crafted from luxurious Egyptian cotton fibres. Our meticulously woven bedding is available in two options: Percale and Sateen.

With our Essential Percale Bedding Collection, experience the crispness and coolness that Percale is renowned for. Woven with a 300 thread count, these sheets are designed to promote optimal breathability, allowing air to circulate freely between the fibres. Embrace Percale sheets' refreshing feel, perfect for warmer nights when staying cool is a priority.

Our Refined Sateen Bedding Collection unveils a different level of luxury. Woven with a 400 thread count, the Sateen sheets are crafted to be exceptionally soft and silky to the touch. Sink into the sumptuous softness of Sateen, and experience comfort, perfect year round.

Both bed sheet fabrics are 100% Egyptian cotton, known for its superior quality and exquisite feel. Our Percale and Sateen collections are meticulously crafted with attention to every detail, ensuring you experience the utmost comfort and sophistication in your sleep sanctuary.

Whether you seek the crisp coolness of Percale or the soft and silky allure of Sateen, rest assured that you'll find the perfect bedding to indulge in a world of pure luxury and relaxation each night.

100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets


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