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Skylark+Owl’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Skylark+Owl’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Our favourite gift picks for the holiday season, from organic flannel to merino wool.

It’s officially the holiday season, which means it’s also officially gift-giving season! Whether you’re shopping for a spouse, parent, friend, sibling or yourself, Skylark+Owl Linen Co. has the perfect cozy comforts for under the tree! From the softest of textiles to the longest-lasting of home goods, you can’t go wrong with these holiday gift guide picks from your favourite purveyor of coziness. ‘Tis the time to shop — so, if you’ve been wondering what to get your favourite person, we have you covered.

Gifts for Her 

You can’t go wrong with a soft gift for your mom, sister, best friend, girlfriend or wife — which is where some of our all-time favourite picks come in! (Psst… we’d bet everyone likes these, too.)

Linen sheets for the softest slumber.

There’s something just extra delightful about linen, from the way it relaxes underneath you to the way it lasts a lifetime. If you’re looking to gift bedding that will continue to get better over time, you can’t go wrong with our Linen Collection — a breezy, soft, and cozy pick made of 100% flax linen that’s sure to last.

Refined Sateen Bedding for the lover of luxury. 

Our Refined Collection Sateen is a flock favourite for a reason. Providing the perfect comfort without looking too shiny, our Refined Sateen feels smooth and soft against your skin. 

Popcorn Knit Blanket for self-care Sundays.

There’s nothing more important than self-care, and our Popcorn Knit Blanket is the perfect self-care addition to add to your home. Soft and heavy yet textured and fun, this knit blanket is the ideal weight and coziness to bring into your warm and cozy rotation. This 100% Egyptian Cotton bedding is the perfect year-round material that’s not too cool and not too warm. 

Serene Towel Set for an at-home spa, every time.

There’s no better towel than a Turkish towel, and our Serene Towel Set is the ideal way to create a spa-like experience. Our highest-quality collection, these fluffy, thick towels are made with 100% Turkish cotton and are the absolute ideal weight for luxe bathroom experiences. 

Velour Bathrobe for the coziest wrap.

The best way to keep an at-home bathroom spa experience going is with the perfect robe, right? Enter: our Velour Bathrobe, an extra-soft and absorbent robe made with the plushest of fabric for the sweetest of friends. Lightweight yet still thick, there’s nothing better — and the robe comes in three colours to choose from!

Turkish Peshtemals for the most versatile comfort.

Shopping for someone whose middle name is efficiency? They’ll love the versatility of our Turkish Peshtemal Towels - crafted from 100% Turkish Cotton! From bathroom towel to poolside cover up, Turkish Peshtemals can be used in countless ways! 

Gifts for Him

Your dad, brother, best friend, boyfriend or husband likely loves his comforts — so choose from some of our favourite picks for him!

Washed Percale bedding for a relaxed sleep.

Great sheets don’t have to be fussy, which is where our Washed Percale sheets come in for a lived-in look and a next-level softness. Perfectly crisp yet still soft, our Washed Percale collection is a great pick for anyone you know looking for a sleep that feels like a hotel bedroom… without looking like one.

Brushed Cotton Blanket for the softest touch.

There’s nothing quite like a versatile, soft home accessory — and our Brushed Cotton Blanket is the perfect addition to every couch, every bed and every home it touches. Pick this Brushed Cotton Blanket (crafted with 100% brushed cotton) for your favourite minimalist, and let them experience the beauty of a great home decor product.

Refined Pillow for a luxe rest.

Absolutely everyone needs a great pillow, and our Refined Pillow is an all-time Skylark+Owl favourite (with tons of 5-star reviews)! Crafted with next-generation hypoallergenic microfibers, this delightful pillow brings all of the rest without the allergies. Pick from a soft or firm feel, and get ready to hear about how good your lucky gift-getter sleeps!

Merino Wool Travel Kit for your favorite jetsetter.

The way we see it, home comforts don’t have to only exist at home! Our Merino Wool Travel Kit is the perfect pick for your go-to explorer friend, and it’s the sweetest way to ensure that coziness follows on every plane ride, car ride and train ride. Made with 100%extra fine Merino Wool, our travel kit is the perfect balance between warm and portable — ahh, nothing better!

Velour Bathrobe for the coziest wrap.

Our Velour Bathrobe is extra-soft and extra-absorbent, making it the perfect comfort to wrap up in to enjoy some R&R. Lightweight yet still thick, there’s nothing better — and the robe comes in three colours to choose from!

Gifts for You

We don’t think you ever need an excuse for treating yourself, but we’re going to give you one anyways! You deserve it.

Washed Sateen bedding for the softest sleep… ever

While we love every piece of bedding we sell at Skylark+Owl, we have a special soft spot (literally) for our washed sateen bedding, which is our very softest textile. Made with all of the luxe silkiness you’ve come to expect from our sateen sheets, our washed sateen is put through an additional washing process that adds an entirely new level of dreaminess to every bed it touches.

Flannel sheets for cold toes.

If you’re a cold sleeper or you love a warm bedtime, our flannel sheets are for you! Velvety soft and breathable yet cozy, our Organic Flannel Collection is a lifelong pick that you’ll be excited to use every winter. Made in Peru, these sheets are crafted by textile experts and will be a new favourite. 

Alpaca Wool Throw for the softest home accessory.

Every movie night and late-night reading session is made 10 times better with our Alpaca Wool Throw, which is meticulously (and softly) crafted in Peru. Alpacas have long been domesticated for their strong, silky fibres, and Peruvian alpaca wool is widely known as one of the most luxurious fabrics you can buy (it’s both warmer and stronger than cashmere!). Pick this up for your favourite lounger, and brace yourself for the thank you’s!

Cable Knit Blanket for movie nights.

Is there anything better than a heavy, warm blanket for movie nights? We think not — which is why we love our Cable Knit Blanket so much! This pick is perfect for your favourite cozying-up friend, and it makes as wonderful of an accessory as it does for a movie night (or naptime) partner.

Still Stuck? 

Still struggling to find the perfect present? You can’t go wrong with these flock favourites! 

Element Turkish Towel Set for perfectly plush comfort. 

These heavy handcrafted Turkish towels instantly add luxury to every bathroom. They’re absorbent while still being incredibly plush, and the dobby border adds uniqueness and style!

Essential Percale Bedding for keeping it cool. 

Know someone who’s always overheating in their sleep? Enter: our Essential Collection Percale. Made with 100% Egyptian cotton, our Essential Percale is the perfect material to keep cozy year-round, while also keeping it cool temperature-wise! 

Digital Gift Card for personalized coziness. 

While we always love the thoughtfulness of a hand-picked item, we know it’s sometimes hard to decide what to get that special someone! Giving a Skylark+Owl Digital Gift Card allows your recipient to choose their own comforts. 

We’re thinking of you this holiday season, friends! Stay warm, stay healthy, and stay safe. Shop more Skylark+Owl here.

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