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Skylark+Owl’s Ultimate Sleep Guide

Skylark+Owl’s Ultimate Sleep Guide

We’ve put together all of our secrets to getting the best rest.

Did you know that we spend almost a third of our life sleeping? Sleep is one of the very best — and most necessary — things we can do for ourselves, from the rest it gives our brains to the restoration it gives our bodies. But then why do so many people struggle to fall or stay asleep? In Skylark+Owl’s Ultimate Sleep Guide, we answer all of your slumber questions. 

“Why is sleep so important?” 

Answer: What Can a Good Sleep Do For You? 

Sleep is a basic need of humans, and influences a variety of physiological and mental processes! Creating better habits to promote a better sleep can increase alertness as well as overall mood. Develop a routine that works for you and easily falls into the normal day-to-day activities of your life. You deserve to sleep better & feel better overall.

“So, how much should I sleep?”

Answer: How Many Hours of Sleep Do I Need? 

Good sleep is synonymous with good health and well-being, but the reality is that many of us are not getting enough.The powerhouse of our body is constantly working to process everything we have experienced throughout the day. Yet, while we are awake, new information is coming in at the same time. Sleeping allows our brains to regulate our emotions, improve our memory, and the refreshed brain can make better, more clear-headed decisions when we arise, ready for a new day.

“What should I do if it takes forever to fall asleep?”

Answer: 7 Top Tricks to Help You Fall Asleep 

From turning screens off and trying out meditation, to cozying up in new sheets and brewing up some chamomile tea, these tricks will help you fall asleep… and fast!

“I get my 8 hours, but still wake up feeling tired. What can I do to improve my sleep?”

Answer: 6 Ways to Improve Your Sleep and 8 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Between tossing & turning, getting too warm, or having turf wars with your significant other, your sleep can easily be compromised by your environment. Sleep deprivation affects your mood, your eating habits, and your overall physical and mental health. The habits that you put into place to improve your sleep are known as sleep hygiene, and below are some of the practices that will best serve you to get the quality sleep that you deserve. When it comes to getting your nightly rest, it’s easy to get caught up in the fear of not getting to sleep. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, getting a great night’s sleep is much more in your reach than you may think. Getting a good night's sleep is a need that we all should take seriously. If we do, then we will reap the benefits, not just now but long into the future.

Skylark+Owl’s Sleeping Solutions

When it comes to making your bedroom the very best place to sleep, Skylark+Owl has you covered with luxurious, soft linens to make the most out of your nest. From our percale sheets all the way to our Canadian Hutterite down pillows, you’ll find just what you need to create a sleep-worthy oasis.

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