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Skylark+Owl Washed Linen white Sheets

Skylark+Owl’s Guide to Styling White Bedding

Our newest white bed sheets offer softness and breathability for any sleeper.

When it comes to sleeping in style, you simply can’t go wrong with a crisp pair of white sheets. From their versatility to their unique ability to fit with every room and every piece of decor, there’s simply nothing better. Plus, white bedding manages to be perfectly elegant and still relaxed at the same time… the absolute perfect pick for each and every interior decorator and casual sleeper.

When you’re looking to style white bedding, you can’t really go wrong. White bedding gives you the chance to cozy up into any look you want, and styling it has never looked — or felt — better than with Skylark+Owl’s white bedding collections.

Skylark+Owl's guide to styling white bedding

Styling white bedding with Skylark+Owl

Cool down your space with white Washed Percale

Whether you live in a warmer climate or you’re a hot sleeper, our Washed Percale was meant for you — the cooling, the crisp fabric looks wonderful on any bed and feels even better. Plus, Washed Percale is a sophisticated — but not overly elegant — fabric that’s perfect for curating a neutral, cozy room. We’d recommend pairing your white sheets with a jute rug, mahogany or black furniture, plants and art prints in neutral hues like sand, green or deep brown. Just like that, you’ll have an instantly cool space.


Soften up your bedroom with white Washed Sateen

If you crave softness and dreaminess in your bedroom, our white Washed Sateen is the very best pick… ever. Our Washed Sateen screams coziness, and is the perfect selection for those looking to carve out a true dreamland haven out of their bedrooms. Plus, styling white Washed Sateen is simple and super impactful. Add as much softness as possible when styling your bedroom by adding in a soft reading chair, chunky knit throw blankets and art that screams “dreamland.”



Add a luxe touch to your bedroom with white Washed Linen

If a casual, relaxed feel is your jam, our white Washed Linen is calling your name. Our Washed Linen is the best kind of bedsheet for those who want to underline leisure at every step and is the greatest kind of selection for those who are ready to create a true respite with their bedrooms. Plus, styling white Washed Linen is super fun — and chilled out, too. Drive home the relaxation factor with greenery, caned furniture and multiple types of lighting for a bedroom that truly feels like a spa.

At Skylark+Owl we have a variety of bedding collections to fit any sleeping style — and we love exploring the versatility of white bedding.

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