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5 Tips to Reset Your Sleep Schedule this Daylight Savings

5 Tips to Reset Your Sleep Schedule this Daylight Savings

Our sleep experts weigh-in on the top 5 tips you can adopt to beat the clock change!

Resetting your clocks for Daylight Savings Time can alter your week’s entire routine without the proper attention. That’s why, as purveyors of comforts for the perfect slumber, we wanted to provide our top 5 tips for combatting the sleep disruption from Daylight Savings. 

1. Plan ahead. 

The week leading up to DST, make it a priority to get your 8 hours (or however many your body needs regularly!). If you’re overtired when DST rolls around, the jump back could cause a crash! 

2. Get Active.

While physical activity is a staple for any solid sleep schedule, adding some exercise to your day on DST can help you fall asleep at your regular time (despite gaining an hour). Keeping your schedule as close to normal as possible is always ideal for DST, before and after the clock change!  

3. Relax into Routine

Making a pre-bedtime routine is one of the best things you can do to maintain a solid sleep schedule. Once bedtime is a couple hours away - start winding down! Brew some tea, draw a bath, or try some meditation! Focus on lowering your heart rate and slowing down the mind, and you’ll be snoozing in no time. 

4. Don’t Oversleep

We know, it’s tempting. But don’t let DST be an excuse to slap the snooze button. Set an alarm for your regular routine, and be sure to get up at the proper time! Oversleeping may seem like a great idea at the time, but can actually make you feel more groggy as the day progresses. 

5. Check the Clocks

In today’s day and age, most clocks you encounter on a day to day basis are automatically updated. Make a mental note or list of the analog clocks in your life, and double check they’re updated once Daylight Savings has come into effect! Check your car, microwave, watch, or anything else that doesn’t connect to the internet! 

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