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Pairing Bed Sheets With Your Decor

Pairing Bed Sheets With Your Decor

Our guide to creating the bedroom design of your dreams.

When it comes to building a nest, there’s one thing that’s more important than anything else — loving your space and feeling at home within it. This is why we’re so huge on design at Skylark+Owl Linen Co., and why we spend so much time talking about crafting the perfect nest for you! And, one of the very best ways to influence your home design is through simple, intentional switches — like matching your bed sheets to your decor.

Here’s the thing: in so many ways, your bedroom is the very heart of your home. You sleep there, you relax there and you unwind there… which means that loving and resonating with the design matters! So, here’s your challenge — create an at-home nest that feels just like you by pairing bed sheets with your decor in ways that feel like you. After all, what’s better than having a home and bedroom that you really love? 

5 ways to pair Skylark+Owl bed sheets with your decor

While you may have never thought about how your bed sheets inform your bedroom decor, we can promise that they really do! By intermingling textures and colours into your room alongside your bed sheets, you can craft a bedroom that makes you feel cozy at every corner.

1. Crisp up your space with the Essential Percale line

Our crisp Essential Percale sheets are ideal for a clean look and are perfect for anyone who wants to craft a space that feels streamlined and modern. To make the most out of your sheets, pick out throw pillows in complimentary fabrics and colours for a textural medley that feels like home.

2. Add some shine with the Refined Sateen line

Our Refined Sateen sheets are silky soft, and provide the perfect sheen without looking too shiny. To elevate them even further, play with different textures — we recommend velvet, wood or metal in everything from your furniture to your headboard — for a gorgeous feel.

3. Embrace neutrality with the Washed Linen line

Our Washed Linen sheets are the perfect relaxed fabric and add a casual touch to any bedroom. To drive home the casual feel, pair your sheets with neutral art and decor for the kind of room that makes you feel instantly grounded. 

4. Soften up your space with the Washed Percale and Washed Sateen lines

Our Washed Sateen and Washed Percale sheets add an elegant look (and feel) to every bed they grace, so why not keep adding to that luxury with more simple bedroom touches? We’re huge fans of silk lampshades to do this — and you can even shake it up with a rug in an elegant material, too.

5. Cozy up with the Organic Flannel line

Our Organic Flannel sheets are the coziest in our collection and make every single space feel warm and inviting. Plus, you can amp up the coziness factor by implementing throw blankets in cable knit or cashmere fabrics within your room.


And, there you have it — some simple yet beautiful ways to elevate your room design by complementing your bedsheets!

See, there’s simply nothing better than the endless possibilities of room design and the opportunities you have to reflect yourself in your space. 

Shop Skylark+Owl bedding today so that you can keep designing the bedroom and space of your dreams.

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