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Our Bedding is Now Made from 100% Cotton Candy!

Our Bedding is Now Made from 100% Cotton Candy!

We are thrilled to announce that with help from our flock we have completely reinvented our products! Starting today, our bedding products are made from 100% cotton candy! Yes, you read that right – we’ve swapped out the traditional materials for a much sweeter option. Our cotton candy bedding offers a light, fluffy texture that’s soft to the touch, and the colors will make your bedroom look like a dream.

Cotton Candy is the Newest Trend in Textiles

If you know us, you know we are always looking for ways to make your bedding experience a little sweeter (pun intended). That's why we've decided to ditch traditional bedding materials and switch to cotton candy! Its pillow-soft texture ensures you'll have the most comfortable sleep of your life. And if you're worried about staining or washing your cotton candy bedding, fear not! Our special cotton candy fabric is completely self-cleaning, so you can stay in bed all day long without worry! Speaking for staying in bed...

Cotton Candy Bedding: a snack, and a nap

We know the deepest desire of everyone's heart - getting a snack without leaving bed! And now, with cotton candy bedding, that dream can become a reality! Imagine snuggling into the soft and sugary cotton candy-infused sheets and blankets while munching on fluffy sweet treats. With our new cotton candy bedding, you can have a snack and take a nap all at the same time!


April Fools!

We hope you got a chuckle out of our April Fools joke! Our bedding isn't actually made of cotton candy, but it is made with intention. We source and weave our materials sustainably and ethically so that you can sleep soundly knowing that the products you purchase are responsibly sourced. We understand the importance of investing in bedding that you can count on to be both comfortable and high quality.

When the day ends, we want you to lay down for a great sleep knowing that your bedding was ethically and sustainably made. So while you might not be able to snuggle up in a cotton candy cocoon tonight, you can rest easy knowing that you chose a product that supports responsible production.

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