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Skylark+Owl's New Zealand Lambs Wool Blanket

Skylark+Owl's New Zealand Lambs Wool Blanket

Cozy up with our newest and warmest blanket.

At Skylark+Owl Linen Co., there’s nothing more important than a globally sourced comfort — which is why we’re proud and excited for our newest product, the New Zealand Lambs Wool Blanket. In partnership with our ethically produced and environmentally friendly source, this stunning and cozy blanket is just waiting for you to wrap yourself up in it.

Wool has long since been a massive economic driver and agricultural producer for the country of New Zealand, which millions of lambs call home. New Zealand wool is of the highest, softest quality around, and we’re thrilled to give you this global comfort for your very own nest.

About our New Zealand Lambs Wool Blanket

Our New Zealand Lambs Wool Blanket is made from 100% first shear New Zealand lambs wool, all of which is environmentally and sustainably grown and gathered. The blanket is the perfect size, too — you’ll wrap up in an ideal 82” x 51” blanket — with 2 inch hems to keep it looking as neat as it is cozy. Plus, our lambs wool isn't just sourced from New Zealand — the blanket is made there, too.

Woven with a gorgeous herringbone stripe, the blanket features neutral vanilla and grey for a look that fits in, no matter the room, the person or the home. With a heavy, elegant feel, our Lambs Wool Blanket is ideal for every situation — from afternoon naps and evening sleeps all the way to morning coffee and workday breaks.

How to care for our New Zealand Lambs Wool Blanket

Our high-quality, high-comfort Lambs Wool Blanket is easy to care for, but you’ll still want to be careful with it. We recommend machine washing your blanket with cool water, and laying flat to dry. Do not tumble dry in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the wool.

Our constant drive towards ethically produced and remarkably soft comforts has always been important to us at Skylark+Owl, and our New Zealand Lambs Wool blanket is no different. This high-quality lambs wool will last you years if cared for properly, and is sure to add many levels of comfort to your nest. 


We’re so excited to bring a luxurious global comfort to your home, and you can grab your very own New Zealand Lambs Wool blanket right here.

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