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Introducing The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Flannel Collection

Introducing The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Flannel Collection

When we were coming up with ideas for our newest flannel collection, we were inspired by our annual winter trips to Jasper. Every year we would sleep on stuffy flannel sheets that featured crazy retro plaid prints. Although our memories are priceless, the sleeps were not. That's why we created a flannel that was not just velvety and warm, but breathable. Keep reading to learn more about our new colours: Navy and Plaid

Perfectly Plaid

We're excited to introduce our newest plaid pattern, which incorporates our classic chalk, pewter, and white shades with new navy. When creating this new pattern, we wanted to ensure it was complimentary of all the other shades in the collection, but could still be beautiful solo. We drew inspiration from trending wardrobe pieces and traditional patterns. Our new plaid is perfectly neutral and crafted from quality GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton.

New in Navy

In addition to the Plaid, we brought in our flannel sheets in a beautiful deep navy tone, inspired by dusky nights and cozy cuddles. This luxurious colour is perfect for snuggling up on cold winter nights. The hue is rich and versatile, making it a must-have during any season. Our flannel bedding is now restocked and available in navy and plaid! Stay comfortable no matter the temperature with Organic Flannel Bedding. 


Flannel in Navy & Plaid 

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