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Introducing Turkish Peshtemals: Say Hello to Versatile Comfort

Introducing Turkish Peshtemals: Say Hello to Versatile Comfort

As summer sunshine begins to brighten our days, Skylark+Owl Linen Co. is excited to announce our newest comfort — Turkish Peshtemals Towels! Traditionally a Turkish fabric used widely in luxury towels, a peshtemal is a remarkably strong, durable and soft fabric perfect for more than just the bathroom. 

And that’s why our peshtemals are more than just… towels. In fact, our peshtemals make wonderful beach towels, picnic blankets, throw blankets and bathroom comforts — the perfect, multi-purpose textile to bring into your home, on outdoor adventures, and everything in between. 

While we’re all about helping you to create a warm, comfortable and cozy nest, we want to help you carry your comforts outside of the home, too. With our peshtemals, you can take comfort with you wherever you’re enjoying your summer day… and then bring it right on back. The launch of Skylark+Owl’s Turkish Peshtemals Towels will elevate all of your experiences.

What is a Peshtemal?

A peshtemal is a textile that originated within the Persian and Ottoman Empires, and the large, thin towels were first used to help bathers keep their privacy. Over the years, the peshtemal has earned its place in the luxury textile category as a remarkably durable and soft fabric. Constructed of 100% Turkish cotton and tightly woven, peshtemal towels strike the delicate balance between being deliciously soft and lightweight. 

Caring for Peshtemal Towels

When cared for correctly, peshtemal towels can last forever. First off, peshtemal fabric doesn’t need heavy detergents or fabric softeners. Instead, wash with a mild detergent and cool water. Then, tumble dry on low — or, better yet, hang peshtemals to dry — so they can maintain their structural integrity. By washing with minimal detergent, the fibres stay strong and intact, preserving peshtemal’s quality for years to come. We’d also always recommend washing with similar colours and fabrics to avoid any colour bleed. 

Besides that, you’re covered (literally) — you don’t need to specially care for peshtemals any differently than you would cotton. Instead, just treat them gently and let them reward you.

Sourcing our Peshtemal Fabric

At Skylark+Owl Linen Co., we’re proud to source our household comforts from across the world. When you purchase Peshtemals towels from Skylark+Owl, you’re buying a comfort thoughtfully sourced and woven in Turkey, the same region the textile originated from. By working with trusted providers for ethical sourcing, we’re able to give every single customer —regardless of where they are— global comfort with a local touch.

Skylark+Owl’s Turkish Peshtemals

Our Peshtemals, available in a variety of styles and patterns, are meant to be multipurpose. Peshtemal towels are ultralight, super soft, and absorb water quickly to become the perfect picnic blanket, beach towel or indoor throw blanket. Skylark+Owl’s Turkish Peshtemal Towels are made with a rolled fringe and tassel edges for a sophisticated look that doesn’t short you on style, and the 100% Turkish cotton weave brings you the same softness you’ve come to expect from our comforts. 

When buying Skylark+Owl Turkish Peshtemal Towels, you can trust in:

-  A multitude of styles and patterns

- Versatile usage

- Authentically sourced Turkish peshtemal fabric

- Lightweight, super-soft 100% Turkish cotton weave

At Skylark+Owl Linen Co., we’re always proud to offer globally sourced, thoughtfully crafted textiles like our newest Turkish Peshtemals. 

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