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 How to layer your bedding for Winter (Trendy winter Ideas 2022) | Skylark+Owl Linen Co

How To: Layer Your Bedding For Winter with Skylark+Owl

Now that the cold months are upon us, snuggling comfortably in bed with the right warmth is the best way to enjoy the season!

To make it through the cold winter months, it is important to layer your bedding to rest and recharge after an energetic day out in the cold weather. Keep reading to learn how!

Cozy White Bedsheet for Winter | Skylark+Owl Linen Co

Start with the Basics

When building your bed for the colder months, we suggest choosing which sheet set is right for you. Adding the right sheet set is a crucial step of the layering process because it is what your skin comes in contact with the most during sleep. Ensure you use sheets that are right for you (take the quiz). We recommend fabrics like sateen or flannel to keep you feeling cozy all season.

Add Your Duvet

Investing in a good duvet insert and cover will help you have the comfort your body needs during freezing cold nights. To ensure your bed stays plush, look for a duvet insert with a quilted pattern, so there is minimal migration of fibres and your bed stays looking luxuriously layered. To complete that comfy feeling, adding a duvet cover will keep the duvet insert clean and allow you to style your bed with different colours, textures, and pattern options. We recommend making you look for soft and warm materials for the winter season ahead, like Flannel Bedding.



Layer Pillows and Shams

Aside from aiming for that cozy look and feel, getting a good night's sleep is the ultimate goal of this layering process. Good sleep starts with the perfect pillow that will cater to your specific sleep style. Once you have found the right pillow adds a cozy pillowcase or a decorative sham. Adding your favourite decorative pillows and shams can be a big plus to achieving that snuggly feeling in your nest.


How To: Layer Your Bedding For Winter 2022 | Skylark+Owl Linen Co


Finish with a Quilt or Throw

Add an extra layer of warmth with a cozy throw or quilt to wrap everything up. An extra blanket will ensure you stay at the perfect temperature all season. Look for throws with texture and patterns to add something special to your look.


Bonus Tip:

To easily complement everything with style, start with neutral tones and build your way up to a textured duvet cover, blanket, and colourful pillows.


    Colourful layering in bed for winter  | Skylark+Owl Linen Co


    To help you with the right bedding, here is another quick guide on choosing the perfect bedding sheets: Your Guide to the Types of Bed Sheets.

    Now that you know how to layer like a pro - let us know what you plan for nest this winter! Shop our favourite styles here.

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