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Hotel Pillows Canada

How to Bring Hotel Pillow Comfort into Your Nest

With Skylark+Owl’s hotel quality pillows, you’ll always sleep like you’re on vacation.

At Skylark+Owl, there’s no better feeling than laying your head on the perfect pillow each night, ready to coast off into dreamland nestled in coziness. Our hotel-quality linens have long since been a comfortable building block of the softest Canadian nests, but there’s something pretty special about our high-quality hotel pillows. 

While sheets and comforters are key in getting a great night’s sleep, there’s nothing like the great rest that the perfect pillow can bring you. At Skylark+Owl, you’ll find the very same pillows that you may have slept on while visiting a hotel. Our parent company, Eden Textile, is famous in the hotel industry for its coziness… and you can find the very same pillows at Skylark+Owl, just with a different name. Here’s how Skylark+Owl’s hotel quality pillows will have you dreaming great dreams:

Skylark+Owl’s hotel quality pillows

We’re all about premium comfort with a luxurious feel, which is where our hotel pillows come into play. At Skylark+Owl, our supportive, comfortable Essential Pillow—which you might know as Eden Textile’s Indulgence Pillow— and our plush, cozy Refined Pillow—which you might know as Eden Textile’s Opulence Pillow—round out our collection of hotel pillows for the home.

While there’s something particularly lovely about cozying up in a soft hotel bed with an assortment of hotel pillows, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to find the same comfort in your own home. With hotel pillows that fit just as well in your bedroom, you’ll be the coziest sleeper around. 

What makes a good pillow?

In our book, the perfect pillow is created with a down-mimicking filling that gives you all of the comfort of a down pillow without any of the allergies. At Skylark+Owl, we use a hypoallergenic filling that’s perfect for every kind of sleeper, from side sleepers to back sleepers to stomach sleepers. We also offer our hotel pillows in a variety of fillings, whether you sleep better with a softer feel or a firmer touch.

A good pillow also coincides with your sleep style, which is why we recommend our soft-filled Essential Pillow for stomach sleepers, our soft-filled Refined Pillow for side sleepers and our firmer-filled Refined Pillow for back sleepers. 

Why should I buy Skylark+Owl pillows?

Hotel comfort in the home is something everyone wants, which is why Skylark+Owl’s hotel pillows are key to a great night’s sleep. When you bring Skylark+Owl pillows into your nest, you’re inviting in the exact same comfort felt by hotel sleepers across Canada. There’s just something especially luxurious about hotel pillows like Skylark+Owl’s, and investing in hotel pillows helps you bring the vacation into your home. 

How can I bring hotel pillows to my nest?

By buying Skylark+Owl’s hotel pillows, you’re purchasing the same comfort felt by those who have slept on our parent company Eden Textile’s pillows. This way, you can purchase hotel pillows for the home that have the exact same hotel quality you’ve become accustomed to. 

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