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Textiles From Around the World: Canadian Hutterite Duck Down

Textiles From Around the World: Canadian Hutterite Duck Down

By thoughtfully sourcing from across the globe, we’re able to create comfort that counts… starting at home.

At Skylark+Owl, we’re proud and honoured to partner with textile partners from across the world. By joining together with top-tier textile providers from around the globe, we’re able to ensure that intention and highest craftsmanship reach every corner of our products — and we start here, in Canada, with our Hutterite duck down.

As proud Canadians, it’s always special when we can source from local friends. As a business that strives to always put ethics before comfort, our Canadian down is incredibly cozy as well as certified by the International Down and Feather Laboratory to ensure ethics at every turn. Whether it’s through Hutterite duck down pillows or our down duvets, some of our very favourite textiles from around the world come from close to home.

Why Hutterite duck down?

Our Canadian Hutterite duck down, sourced ethically in Alberta, is key to the coziness level that we hold ourselves to at Skylark+Owl. The world-renowned duck fill is perfectly heavy while still being breathable, and you can rest easy knowing that it’s sourced with kindness at heart. Our Canadian textile partner is certified by the International Down and Feather Laboratory — the gold standard for ethics in the down world.

Our Hutterite duck down itself is essential for reaching maximum coziness at night, whether you’re laying your head on a down pillow or covering up with a down duvet. By using Hutterite duck down, we’re able to provide high-quality, sustainable comfort — and that matters to us.

Down at Skylark+Owl

When it comes to cozying up with our Alberta-farmed Hutterite duck down, you can choose between our incredibly crafted pillows or our magnificent down duvets. 

Canadian Hutterite Duck Down Pillows

If you’re looking for a luxurious pillow that stands the test of time, our Hutterite duck down pillows are exactly what you need. Our down pillows are available in two different lofts to fit every sleeper and constructed with a 3-chamber design that keeps you comfortable and supported. In the center chamber, duck feathers nestle within to provide ultimate coziness, while the outer chamber is filled with 700+ loft duck down for additional softness and comfort. With a 100% cotton shell for breathability, you’re ready to sleep.

Canadian Hutterite Duck Down Duvet Insert

Our Hutterite down duvet gives you all-seasons comfort wrapped in luxury and is the ultimate choice for sleepers who like to nestle into softness. Made with a baffle box design, your filling won’t shift or clump together. Our Canadian down comforter is filled with 700+ power fill and wrapped in a 100% cotton, 400 thread count shell. Breathable, comfortable and perfect for every season, it’s treated with an antimicrobial process to boot.

As purveyors of comfort and coziness, our globally sourced softness is something we’ll always be proud of. Whether you’re ready to lay your head on a down pillow or wrap yourselves in a down duvet, you can always trust that our global partners at Skylark+Owl have you covered.

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