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Cozy in the Cold With Skylark+Owl

Cozy in the Cold With Skylark+Owl

Stay warm this winter with some S+O favourites.

It’s almost winter, which means the temperatures are dropping… and quickly. At Skylark+Owl Linen Co., we love nothing more than cold, cozy nights — can’t you picture a fire crackling in the fireplace, a steaming mug of tea in your hand, and a big book on your lap? There’s truly nothing better than bundling up during a cold winter… especially when you have the perfect materials to bundle up with. 

Enter: Skylark+Owl’s cozy favourites, from our knit blankets to our down collection. Here’s how to stay warm this winter, Skylark+Owl in hand.

Nights by the fireplace

The crackle and the sparkle of a crisp, warm fire in the hearth is one of the very best parts of winter. Want to know what will make it better? Our Brushed Cotton Blanket, the absolute best pick for every winter night. This blanket is woven in the world-renowned textile region of Guimaraes in northern Portugal with 100% brushed cotton for superior softness. Pick one up today, and enjoy it in front of the fire on every movie night, reading marathon, and pre-bedtime nap you have this winter.

Post-skiing slumbers

Now, a winter nap is one of the sweetest feelings in the world — but there’s truly nothing like the exhaustion and nap that follows a day on the ski slopes. If you’re looking for the best possible sheet collection to warm up your toes after a day on your skis, look no further than our Organic Flannel Collection. Handcrafted in Portugal, these perfectly warm sheets will cozy up any winter night.

Soothe winter skin woes

While we love Canadian winters, most of us know the feeling of itchy, dry skin as the temperatures drop — and it always, always seems to get worse at night. If you struggle with painful, dry skin, you can’t do better than our Washed Sateen Collection — our softest sheets ever. Our washed sateen sheets have the lustre and brilliance you’ve come to expect from Skylark+Owl sateen, but they go through an additional washing process to add a completely new dimension of buttery softness for the driest of skin.

Bundles for the coldest nights

As the temperature drops outside, it tends to drop inside, too — marking the need for everything from fuzzy socks to warm crewnecks when it’s time to go to sleep. It’s why we recommend our Canadian Hutterite Down Collection to everyone — the most wonderfully soft, fluffy, and warm down bedding you can find… and sourced from home.

Winter bubble baths

Sinking into a hot bubble bath just seems extra luxurious during the winter months, especially with a nice vanilla or cinnamon scent enveloping your entire bathroom. But, is there absolutely anything worse than getting cold again when you hop out of the tub? Nope. Enter: our Velour Bathrobe, the perfect pick for keeping you cozy as you travel from the bath back to the bed.


As you cozy up this winter, pick from Skylark+Owl’s many warm collections to stay comfy and relaxed. After all, you deserve it! Shop Skylark+Owl comforts today.

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