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5 Surprising Colour Combinations for Your Bedroom

5 Surprising Colour Combinations for Your Bedroom

Try out these new colour combos in your nest this year for a new and elevated look.

The gloom and doom of the winter months is a real thing, especially when you live in extra cold, extra dark areas. And, when you’re in a colourless space that doesn’t make you feel like you’re truly at home, it’s a lot easier to sink into negative headspaces that can truly affect your mental health. 

Enter: our favourite thing at Skylark+Owl — helping every single home feel like the sweetest space, no matter the time of year. Plus, by really implementing coziness, comfort and colour into every area of your home, you can boost your mental health. At Skylark+Owl, we work hard to give our flock the best nights of sleep and the best feel in their nests — which is why we love bringing beautiful, high-quality bedding in fun colours to each and every home. 

Here are 5 surprising (and fun) colour combinations to try out in your bedroom as we settle into the winter season:

5 Surprising Colour Combinations for Your Bedroom

Baltic Sea Washed Percale with Essential Percale Charcoal

For a relaxed yet cozy look, combine the blue hues of washed percale alongside the dark hues of our percale. This is the perfect serene look, reminiscent of the earth itself — and it’s stunning.

Essential Percale in Charcoal Stripe and Refined Sateen in Frosted Almond

There’s nothing better than a great pattern, so try out a patterned version in our percale alongside the beautiful almond colour of our refined sateen. These muted yet unique tons are the best of the best when they’re together. 

Washed Linen in Blue Mist and and Refined Sateen in Warm Grey

We’re convinced that blue and grey is one of the best colour combinations in the world, and it looks extra ideal in a bedroom. Try out the linen in blue mist along with a sateen in grey for a look that’s equal parts relaxed and sophisticated.

Essential Percale Light Grey Frame with Washed Sateen in Chalk

If you want to shake up your colours but keep them muted, grey and white are your very best bet. Create a look that speaks to coziness and comfort with washed sateen and percale, and snuggle up!

Washed Linen in Pearl and Essential Percale in Navy

When you’re searching for a regal, beautiful combination, you can’t go wrong with pearl and navy. It fits in every single room and with every vibe, and is a beautiful way to add some colour! Try out our washed linen and percale for a fabric and colour mix.

At Skylark+Owl, our commitment to quality goes hand in hand with our commitment to your happiness and your living space… and we can’t wait to help you build your nest for years to come with bedding and decor full of the perfect colours.

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