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4 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

4 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Finally, the heat is here! After months of blistering snowstorms and icy roads, the sun has blessed us with its precious rays. Now is the time to kick back and bask in the sunshine!

Hot summer nights are great for a lot of things, unfortunately sleeping isn’t one of them. You know the feeling, tossing and turning because you are just SO hot. It seems almost impossible to catch some well-deserved Zzz’s. When air conditioning isn’t an option, try these tips to stay cool all summer long.

1. Getaway! 

Merino Wool Travel Kit in Navy | Skylark+Owl Linen Co.

Escape the city heat and getaway this summer! Nothing is better than leaving the hustle and bustle behind for a cool shore breeze and sand in your toes. The Merino Wool Travel Set is the perfect partner for all your adventures this summer. Whether you’re on a 14-hour flight or road tripping across the country, the travel kit is a summer must-have.

Merino Wool Travel Kit in Navy

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2. Stay Hydrated

Swell Water Bottle in Sandstone

A guaranteed way to cool down this summer is to drink lots of water. A nice, ice cold bottle of water can quench even the thirstiest human. Set trends this summer with a Swell water bottle. They come in the coolest designs, as well as normal colours for those Plain Jane’s out there. The best part of these water bottles is that they keep your drinks ice cold even in the hottest temperatures.

Swell Water Bottle in Sandstone

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3. Dress your Bed for Success 

Now that summer is here, you’re going to want the right sheets for the season. To help with the heat, pick a moisture wicking, yet cozy fabric. Our Essential Sheet Sets are crisp and cool to the touch, with a percale weave for the perfect amount of breathability. From the beachy hues of Natural to our modern Navy Dots pattern, percale is summer's favourite fabric. 

 The Percale Sheet Set in Navy Dots

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4. Beat the Heat

In a dream world, AC would be essential in all houses like a furnace. But if that isn’t an option, nothing beats a good old-fashion fan. Now take your everyday, basic fan and make it shine. You can find a cool vintage fan, a high-tech Dyson fan, or a chic ceiling fan and make it a statement piece in any room of your home! It’s the best of both worlds: staying cool while looking cool.

Dyson Cool Fan in White Silver 

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When the summer sun starts to scorch you, there are lots of helpful tips to stay cool and calm. Whether it’s getting away, quenching your thirst, dressing down your bed, or a beating the heat, there are many precautions you can take to stay chill. This summer, let go, unwind, and bask in the sun because before you know it, it’ll be back to blizzards.


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