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The Ultimate Skylark+Owl Wedding Gift Guide

The Ultimate Skylark+Owl Wedding Gift Guide

Hearing wedding bells? Check out our go-to wedding gifts for helping your favourite happy couple build their nest.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen a ton of postponed weddings — which means that now, as vaccines roll out, we’re seeing a ton of newly rescheduled weddings. If you’re getting ready to plan and prepare for wedding season for the first time in a while, we have you covered. At Skylark+Owl Linen Co., we have a variety of home comfort collections that make the perfect wedding gifts.


Whether you want to give the new bride and groom comfort with a beautiful Sateen Duvet Cover or you’re thinking more along the lines of a warm Alpaca Wool Throw, our wedding gift guide has you covered. From sheet sets to blankets, here are some of our very favourite wedding gift ideas.

Skylark+Owl’s Wedding Gift Guide

1. Linen Sheet Set for keeping the couple cool + cozy all year round

If you want to gift the new bride and groom with a high-quality sheet set that will last them years, Skylark+Owl’s Linen Sheet Set is your best bet. Light and breathable, yet soft and luxurious, our Linen Sheet Set offers the perfect level of warmth and comfort year-round. Constructed with 100% flax linen and made in Portugal, these linen sheets just keep getting softer as the marriage anniversaries roll in — the best!

2. Refined Sateen Duvet Cover to bring a touch of elegance and sheen to their bed

Every cozy bed needs a warm, high-quality duvet and duvet cover — which is where Skylark+Owl’s Refined Sateen Duvet Cover comes into play. The sateen weave offers a truly luxurious sleeping experience and adds a perfectly smooth, extra-luxe touch to every bedroom. Plus, it’s ideal for every sleeper, as it’s not too cool and not too hot. 

3. Canadian Hutterite Duvet Insert + Pillow for the ultimate high-quality comfort

If you want to give the couple a truly wonderful, long-lasting gift, this Canadian Hutterite Down Duvet Insert is a perfect choice.
Filled with Alberta-farmed Canadian Hutterite duck down —one of the world’s most high-quality fills— our duvet insert features a no-shift, no-clump, baffle box design that is perfect for year-round coziness and warmth. 
If you’re feeling extra generous, we know they’d also love a Canadian Hutterite Down Pillow — or two! 

4. Alpaca Wool Throw for the most luxurious bed or couch accessory

There’s nothing quite as cozy as wrapping up in a warm blanket during a movie night —and Skylark+Owl’s Alpaca Wool Throw is the best of the best.  
Woven with ancient Peruvian techniques and both warmer and stronger than cashmere, our alpaca wool throw is the ultimate gift for a couple who needs a little extra luxury in their home.


5. Digital Gift Card if you want to give the couple some flexibility (or if you’re in a rush!) 

While we always love the thoughtfulness of a hand-picked item, we know that sometimes it’s hard to decide what to get — and sometimes, we just run out of time. Enter: a Skylark+Owl digital gift card, the perfect way to put gift-giving in the bride and groom’s hands. 


At Skylark+Owl, we’re all about helping people build the coziest, most comfortable and warmest of nests — and our site is full of a ton of other wedding gift ideas. Are you looking for even more ideas for your favourite soon-to-be-married couple? Check out our new partnership with Goldfinch Registry!


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