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Summer Staycations: Stay Cool this Summer with Skylark+Owl

Summer Staycations: Stay Cool this Summer with Skylark+Owl

With Skylark+Owl, your summer staycations can be just a little cozier — and cooler, too.

If any summer has ever been the summer of the staycation, it’s this one — and we’re all about it here at Skylark+Owl Linen Co. While travelling is still a joy, we think that staycations are underrated… and we love them. From camping at a provincial park to finding a nearby beach to spend the weekend at, there’s just something about a sweet, short staycation that keeps you close enough to home to feel comfortable.

As the sun shines bright and temperatures rise, we have just what you need to stay cool — and cozy — on your staycation, no matter where you decide to go (or to stay). From crisp percale bedding and road trip travel kits to our favourite fireside blankets and our go-to beach towel, we have you covered with our staycation picks. Now, go have fun!

Washed Percale Bedding to stay cool during hot summer nights

If you’re a hot sleeper who loves a relaxed — yet still crisp — feel at night, Washed Percale needs to be in your rotation. Woven in Portugal and put through an additional garment washing process that provides another layer of softness, Washed Percale is your best bet for long naps and sweet dreams on every summer staycation.

Plus, Washed Percale isn’t just great in the summer… it’s also an excellent year-round sheet, getting more relaxed and softer with every wash. This staycation, wrap up in a Washed Percale Sheet Set and pair it with our Washed Percale Duvet Cover. Ahh, we’re sleepy already.

Linen Sheets to soften up your summer and soothe those sunburns

Light, breathable and airy, our linen bedding is our most luxurious — and dreamy — bedding collection yet, making it the best choice for soothing summer sunburns and slipping into daydreams. The flax for our linen collection is grown in Europe then woven in Portugal, bringing us the cooling, relaxed bedding we know and love.

And, to make it even better, linen will last way past your summer staycations. Linen itself is remarkably durable, and, as long as cared for correctly, it’s one of those things that will continue to provide soft, sweet rest for years to come. While linen can definitely be slept in year-round, it’s also just the perfect summer sheet, as it’s remarkably cool and breathable.

Turkish Peshtemals to dry off in style poolside or on the beach

Made with 100% Turkish cotton and woven with extra-long fibres that dry quickly and provide incredible softness, our Turkish Peshtemal Towels are the perfect addition to your pool and beach days. While they’re a great towel to wrap up in post-swim, they’re also excellent for picnics and for repelling sand the right way. The longer you have them, the softer and more absorbent they get — and they’re beautiful to boot.

Since no towel fits all, our Turkish Peshtemals come in a variety of colours, patterns, weights and sizes — making them ideal for beach days, pool swims and everything in between. Plus, when you’re done, you can wash them and then fold them up for a luxurious bath time experience.

Popcorn Knit Blanket for the sweetest campfire conversations

Every fireside chat needs the perfect knit blanket — which is where Skylark+Owl’s Popcorn Knit Blanket comes in. Woven into a chunky cable knit design with a fun popcorn texture, it’s the ideal lightweight — yet still substantial —  coverup for summer nights. And, the way we see it, no summer staycation is complete without a campfire and s’mores experience… so bring your Popcorn Knit Blanket along!

Our Popcorn Knit Blankets are made in India of 100% cotton and are pre-washed for a soft, shrinkage-free coverup that adds the perfect layer of softness and coziness to every day, every night, and every summertime staycation you might have.

Merino Wool Travel Kit for those cross-country road trips 

If your summer staycation is taking you on a road trip this summer, our Merino Wool Travel Set is exactly what you’ve been looking for (when it’s not your turn to drive, of course!). This travel set is the perfect solution for road trip naps and car comfort, complete with an eye mask, blanket, and travel case.

Made in India, our 100% extra-fine merino wool is impeccably soft and breathable, and is our best pick for shorter stays and long road trips alike. Plus, it fits in every bag — the best kind of travel set!


As you head out — or stay in — for your staycations this summer, stay safe and stay cozy! At Skylark+Owl, we’re always here to bring comfort to your nests… and that counts for your travelling ones, too.

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