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How to do the Skylark+Owl Sheet Set Fold

How to do the Skylark+Owl Sheet Set Fold

Our foolproof way to fold entire sheet sets into a convenient bundle!

When you order sheets from Skylark+Owl Linen Co., we include details meant to enhance your experience and comfort. From personalized thank-you notes, to handmade fabric totes, we ensure your Skylark+Owl unboxing experience is as high-quality as our products! One of the details found in your Skylark+Owl box is our compact sheet set bundle. Our comfort specialists developed a folding method that results in the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases compacted into a square. 

Below, we’ve outlined each step of the Skylark+Owl sheet set fold so you can recreate the organized linen closet of your dreams…

Step 1: Fold your fitted sheet into a 13 inch by 13 inch square.

Step 2: Put one pillowcase on top of the other and fold the pillowcase pair so that the short side of the pillowcase is 13 inches wide.

Step 3: Place the fitted sheet in the middle of the pillowcases with the nicely folded sides facing outward. Fold and wrap the pillowcases around the fitted sheet to hide the ugly sides, ensuring that you don’t see the folded layers.

Step 4: Fold the Flat Sheet along its length to be 14.5 inches wide. Ensure the ends are lined up evenly so no ends are sticking out. Then fold in half along its width, leaving the end a couple inches short.

Step 5: Place the pillowcase fitted sheet bundle on top of the flat sheet. Then fold and wrap the flat sheet like the pillowcases in step 3, ensuring that the exposed end is flushed to the end bundle.

Final Dimensions: 14” x 14.5” 

And voilà! All three components of your sheet set are now folded into a convenient and compact bundle!

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