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Fall into Comfort with Skylark+Owl

Fall into Comfort with Skylark+Owl

Our cozy collections will warm you up as Autumn rolls in.

As the weather cools down and the leaves crisp into colour, it’s the perfect time to relax at home. There’s just something extra special about Fall, you know? From the smell of apples in the air to the taste of pumpkin in everything you eat, to the colourful view on every tree around, we just love Autumn. More than anything, though? We love getting cozy as Fall settles in.

If you’re ready to build up your nest as the seasons change, there’s never been a better way to do so than with Skylark+Owl’s coziest comforts. From our Washed Sateen Collection to our Organic Flannel Sheets, here’s how you can fall into comfort with the change of the weather.

Fall Into Comfort with Skylark+Owl Linen Co. 

Whether you’re stocking up for movie night marathons (Halloween movies, anybody?!) or you’re cozying up for afternoon naps, we have the collection for you. 

Washed Sateen Collection

When we say that our washed sateen collection is our softest collection ever, we’re not kidding. Just as luxe and soft as our original sateen, but goes through a washing process that adds an entirely additional layer of coziness, you simply can’t do better, softness-wise, than with washed sateen.

Organic Flannel Collection

Flannel has always whispered of comfort, and our flannel collection is no different. Whether you want to cozy up in our flannel sheets or wrap up in a flannel duvet cover, our flannel collection — velvety, smooth and warm yet breathable — is crafted in the Guimaraes region of northern Portugal, is the best collection for someone ready to snuggle up and get toasty. 

Refined Sateen Collection

For those looking for a luxe feel without the velvet feel of something like flannel, sateen is the perfect choice. Made with a 400 thread count and from 100% organic cotton, our sateen sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are the ideal cozy sheet — but elevated.


Why Skylark+Owl as you cozy up for fall?

With Skylark+Owl Linen Co., you can trust in delightfully soft, comfortable linens — all of which are ethically sourced and remarkably crafted. Skylark+Owl products are OEKO-TEX certified, the global standard for ensuring that your linens will be free of harmless chemicals, and our global sourcing makes for comfort that truly touches every corner of the globe. 
Ready to fall into comfort? Shop Skylark+Owl here.


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