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Become a Towel Expert

Become a Towel Expert

Let us introduce you to Clayton Grabher!
For 30 years Clay has had the pleasure of being the purchasing manager for Eden Textile, Skylark+Owl’s parent company. It has been his responsibility to know everything there is to know about terry and linen. He is now here to share his knowledge with you! Read our interview to find the answers to all your burning questions about our new Turkish Towel Collection.

What is the difference between Turkish Cotton and regular Cotton?
"Well Turkish Cotton is only grown in Turkey. It is a long staple cotton, which means the fibers themselves are longer than most cottons in the world. This gives the cotton a softer feel and allows for more absorbency."

What is GSM and why is it important?
"GSM is the weight per square metre and the reason it's important is because the heavier the weight, the plusher the towel is. We also use GSM so that the weight of the terry is consistent throughout the Face, Hand, and Bath towels. Some people change the GSM throughout, so the feel of the face cloth will be totally different than the bath towel because of the different terry weights used."

Serene Turkish Towel Set

Our highest quality collection, the Serene Turkish Towel Set brings luxury and opulence home. This collection is created using a low twist 100% Turkish Cotton and loomed to a 700 GSM weight.

From $99 CAD





What is the importance of a dobby towel and is there any significance to the direction of the dobby?
"A dobby border is two basic things: one it was originally designed to create stability in a towel, secondly it is used for cosmetic reasons. The difference between the direction of the dobby border is the way they are loomed. So, if the border is horizontal or vertical is actually made on what is called a dobby loom. Whereas, a border going any other direction or a two-level border, has to be produced on a jacquard loom."

Element Turkish Towel Set

Designed with a diagonal dobby border, the Element Turkish Towels are plush and versatile, making them the perfect towel for everyday use.

From $69 CAD





What are your tips for keeping your towels in the best condition?
"When you wash towels, you will always have a residue within the hems of the towels which means you want to give the towels what they call a "rest period". This means the towels need to sit on a shelf for a period of time, usually about 48 hours. This allows for the moisture to complete dry out of those areas, so it doesn't cause faster deterioration. What you do not want to do is wash your towel and then immediately put it back into use. You want to wash the towels and then let them sit on a shelf for a few days before you use it. That is why most people will have more than one set of towels. Even soap over a time will slowly eat away at cotton, so any excess that builds up in the borders, dobby's, or hems that's where the issue lies. You can increase the life of a towel substantially by letting it rest."

What would you say are the most common care mistakes people make?
"No bleach, no mixing of colours, washing them in too hot of temperature and drying them in too hot of temperature. Follow the care instructions on the label. Wash and dry on cool to medium. Period."

If you had to pick, what is your favourite line of Skylark+Owl Turkish Towels?
"I would pick either Serene or Element just because of the weight. Obviously the heavier the towel, the plusher the towel. Although not everyone is the same, some prefer a thin feeling towel, some like a thick towel, so it is a personal preference."

Thank you, Clay, for making the time to share your wisdom to us! Now that our expert has passed down all his knowledge to you, now you are able to make an educated decision on what towel is right for you!

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